API Documentation

Coinality’s API makes it easy for Recruiters and Employers to publish open job positions. Please contact us to request API access.


Method URL Request parameters Description
GET /api/jobs page (optional) – page number of pagined list Returns listed jobs.
cookie – authentication cookie
Creates listed job in pending state.If you want to append image, you must change Content-type to “multipart/form-data” and add image file to the request (just like <input type=”file”>).
website (optional)
type – id or slug of one from /api/types
category – id or slug of one from /api/categories
salary (optional) – id or slug of one from /api/salaries
tags (optional) – comma separated tags
about-the-employer (optional)
duration (optional, in days)
location_latitude (eg. 12,22)
location_longitude (eg. 12,22)
location_country (eg. United States)
location_city (eg. New York)
location_state (eg. New York)
disabled_apply (optional – yes/no, default no )
GET /api/featured Returns top featured jobs.
GET /api/categories Returns list of categories.
GET /api/types Returns list of types.
GET /api/salaries Returns list of salaries.
Returns json with “cookie” field, which should be used as argument in further API requests which require authentication.
GET /api/auth/validate cookie – authentication cookie Returns if current session based on cookie is valid.
GET /api/auth/user cookie – authentication cookie Returns user data based on provided cookie.
WARNING: Use “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” as Content-type when making POST requests.