The Coinality booth at the world’s first Bitcoin Job Fair. May 3, 2014.

Coinality is a free service connecting Employers and Job Seekers with opportunities that pay in digital currencies such as BitcoinLitecoin, and Dogecoin. Jobs range from one-time to full-time and negotiations are handled independently between the two parties.

Since launching in September 2013, well over 5,000 qualified candidates have applied for jobs that pay in bitcoin on Coinality. We have also received over 4,000 submitted jobs and more than 450 resumes from high-quality talent who want to earn income in digital currency.

Coinality is self-funded and supported entirely by donations. All submitted jobs are reviewed by humans of reasonably sound judgement to ensure that all jobs posted on Coinality are real opportunities.

Coinality was a key figure in organizing the world’s first Bitcoin Job Fair. The event featured over 30 bitcoin employers and over 400 jobs seekers.

Fun fact: the Coinality.com domain name and hosting account was paid for in Bitcoin, thanks to NameCheap.

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Companies That Post Jobs With Us:



Kraken21 Inc





Without Coinality, I would not have been able to find the talented professionals with the necessary skills and bitcoin knowledge. I would like to thank Daniel Roseman and Coinality for providing the platform used to recruit quality candidates.”
-Kevin Barnes, CEO of Playcoin Entertainment


I’m writing to thank you for your contribution by connecting the bitcoin community.  Coinapult needed a strong Marketing Specialist, and posted the job description to your site.  I got a huge response of resumes, and every single person that I interviewed was so stellar, that the process to choose one person was extremely difficult!  I’ll be recommending other bitcoin companies use your site for their hiring needs. Keep up the great work!
– Justin Blincoe, COO of Coinapult


As a computer science engineer, I recently found an interest in the crypto currencies world. Coinality gave me the opportunity to work on that field quickly and to learn a lot! I’m now confident with the bitcoin/litecoin code, wallets, pools and all surrounding APIs! Thanks to Coinality, my days are now fulfilled with awesome and rewarding jobs!
– Sylvain, QuickNameCoin.com


“My experience with Coinality to date has been very positive.  I managed to locate a number of specialized developers who I could not readily or easily locate for ASAP job orders by using conventional boards & recruiter tools. The time spent contacting candidate prospects was MUCH more productive than usual:  Generally, my qualified response/interest rate is quite low for any given posting / candidate database.  I was SHOCKED to see how many Coinality candidates replied so quickly and professionally – including those unavailable candidates – most of whom still replied to tell me they’re occupied and would follow up as soon as available. At the moment, Coinality is the first place I begin my search for any crypto-coin talent.”
– Shannon, BitRecruiter


“Got my first bitcoins! Wasn’t sure about bitcoin until I actually earned some on Coinality. Had a great experience and now I’m a believer! I wish my day job would pay in bitcoin, but until then I’ll be scouting the site for opportunities to earn more bitcoin!”
– Keith


“My first job for bitcoin I joined Coinality a while ago as an employee. I was looking for something I could do parttime since I also have a dayjob. I saw an ad, where someone was looking for translations. I responded to the ad and I had my first job for btc!”
– Anonymous


“Coinality is a developing marketplace for technology. I joined coinality recently as a service provider. I submitted bids to jobs posted on the board. However, I see only a few are active on the site. I did not get any work orders so for. I will keep an eye on it and hope I could any offer in future.”
– Anonymous


“Coinality.com has hooked me up with an employer from a different continent. I’m transitioning into the part-time position as a software developer for the company working from college, and the income and experience will be very important to me as a student just starting college. I’ve already had to put myself through a crash course in Git, and this entire experience is going to be awesome for me.”